Womans Journey: Avanza pill to ejaculate without sperm

Friday, December 13, 2013

Avanza pill to ejaculate without sperm

The prospect of a " pill " that allows men to enjoy a fulfilling sex life without the worry of leaving a pregnant woman , is one step closer to becoming reality.
Scientists in Australia discovered how to avoid ejaculation with sperm. They also managed to reverse this effect .

Animal tests showed that sperm could " keep stored " during sex .
The findings were published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Science.
So far the task of creating a contraceptive pill for men had focused on making nonfunctional sperm out . But some drugs used for this purpose were as Sabatino Ventura , one of the researchers from Monash University , " intolerable side effects."
Current male contraceptives is based on the interruption of the production of hormones such as testosterone . The problem is that this can cause side effects such as irritability, mood changes and acne.
They can also lead to infertility , as well as having an effect on the sexual appetite or cause permanent alterations in sperm production .
Therefore, the most viable methods of male contraception are condoms or vasectomy , which is permanent .
The Monash team used a different approach.
Normally , just before ejaculation , the sperm out of the vas deferens to the testes .
What they did was modify the researchers genetically engineered mice so that they could not take the pressure of the vas deferens sperm .
" The sperm stays in the storage site so that when mice ejaculate no sperm ," he told the BBC Ventura .
"It's easily reversible and sperm was not affected, but we need to try (now) is that we can make the pharmacologically probably two drugs."
Changing your DNA , the panel made ​​the mice remain infertile to stop producing two proteins necessary for sperm movement .
For drugs
Researchers now need to identify a couple of drugs that can create the same effect . They believe that one of them has already been developed and has been used for decades in patients with benign prostate enlargements .
However, will have to work from scratch to detect the second , a process that can last a decade .
Proteins neutralized also have a role in controlling blood vessels , so it could have side effects on blood pressure and heart rate . It is also possible that there is an impact on the volume of semen ejaculated .
However, at least in mice , specialists only detected " a very small drop " in blood pressure .
Dr Allan Pacey , senior lecturer in andrology at Sheffield University , told the BBC it was a "very good" study. " It's almost like a biological vasectomy on sperm stops coming out ."
"It's a good idea ," he added . "They need to go ahead and see what happens to people."

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