Womans Journey: Vera Wang presents its new collection of floral designs for weddings

Monday, June 10, 2013

Vera Wang presents its new collection of floral designs for weddings

The wedding dress designer Vera Wang, in conjunction with the company FTD Flowers, presented the new collection of floral arrangements for weddings. This is a new collaboration in which the designer created three different styles for brides to choose within the beautiful array of floral arrangements, bouquets and boutonnieres.

Earlier we told you that Vera Wang will create an exclusive collection of floral arrangements for wedding, and now a new partnership with FTD Flowers officially presented the new arrangements, bridal bouquets and wreaths to decorate the wedding. These are all very elegant designs, romantic and avant-garde, in particular stamp designer.

The collection is divided into three different styles: classic, romantic and modern. Each of these styles are designed for the different personalities of brides and especially for the kind of theme and decoration that will choose for your wedding. Meet the top suppliers of wedding flowers in Mexico City and manages to have a bouquet or a stunning decoration.

    Traditional Style

In traditional flower selection of this collection of Vera Wang highlights elegant white flowers, cream and green hues. There is nothing more elegant and classic white flowers to decorate the wedding, in the elegant bride's bouquet and groom's boutonniere.

Roses and calla lilies are two types of flowers that predominate in this style, as they are the quintessential classic icon of a traditional wedding. The green hue of the stems and foliage of the flowers give a chic and contemporary these floral arrangements, resulting in a classic style and fresh, perfect for a daytime wedding, outdoors or in the garden.

    Romantic style

Pink is the most romantic symbol that represents love and Vera Wang was inspired by this tone floral design very feminine and dreamy. The bridal bouquet a delicate shade of pink, women will feel very feminine and exquisite way to the altar.

If your wedding is outdoors or on the beach, a beautiful bride with bouquet of pink lilies is the perfect style for the occasion. For a dreamy style are the pink tulips, and peonies are beautiful fashion during this 2013.

    Modern Style

Designs sober and cool shades and floral arrangements are modern, Vera Wang, which combine an elegant and fine flowers in shades of lilac, standing out in this collection. The delicacy and simplicity of the arrangements, make the modern avant-garde style is reflected in each of these. So if your wedding is elegant and modern, these designs will be cutting edge in your wedding.

This designer has covered a large item of the wedding industry and that is why brides can not miss the wedding dresses Vera Wang Spring 2014 collection, the designs that have charmed the world of weddings this year.

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