Womans Journey: Habits that can save your marriage

Friday, December 13, 2013

Habits that can save your marriage

 That love is like a flower that must be watered and cared for every day , it's something we all know, but sometimes forget . How to take care of a relationship , so stand firm and flourish ? For Ashley Davis Bush , counselor and expert on issues of family , the key is to integrate the day, small gestures that cultivate love , and that eventually turn into habits.

Author of several self-help books published Davis with her husband , " 75 habits for a happy marriage," where indeed share these simple grains of sand in the act for the relationship to grow as an oak.
"Remember that all divorced couples started being happy ," says the expert on The Huffington Post, where , like Psych Central , a known content page for the mentally - delivery tracks her loving health habits .
Here are some :
- That the first thing you say to your partner during the day are a good thing : Say you just get up "I'm very fortunate / a to be with you " is for Davis key to a happy marriage. If you find that your partner leaves the house before you wake up , send a message to the phone.
For the expert, begin the daily communication that well , clearly better with a discussion.
- Hugs for at least 20 seconds to your partner when you see again after work : According to Davis, it is worth accompany this gesture with phrases like " I'm so happy you have come to the house " or " I got yummy " . " (This ) is vital to reconnect after spending the day apart ," he says , explaining that a long hug stimulates oxytocin, also known as the love hormone , which is released during orgasm and when you are in love, and is so powerful that , according to scientists , helps keep the human being faithful .
- Thanks more : For Davis , it is essential to thank the couple of small details, as simple as having taken the trash, or helped to do any paperwork , whatever. " By using this habit every night , you will create a connection of assessment that will keep your relationship strong , even in difficult times ," he said .
" A happy marriage is two people who love each other and who are committed to give the best of each," he said , adding that the positive energy scenario generates gratitude and appreciation .
- Apart from vulnerability : Davis suggests paying attention to how to express needs , which sometimes are reported as critical . For example , instead of saying "me you're not paying attention! " Is something like " I miss you advised. Please talk to me for a while. "
- Stay in touch , compenétrate : The Minister also mentioned among the touching habits while eating either the hand or arm, and feel the breath of the couple at other times.
For example , says it's good to put your hand on your stomach or chest of another , so observe your breathing, and hopefully this should be accompanied eye to eye .
To build love , says Davis, is not necessary to work with pain. More simply , says that " if they make a loving behavior, you start to feel more love " , nothing more.

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