Womans Journey: NASA sown plants on the Moon in 2015

Friday, December 13, 2013

NASA sown plants on the Moon in 2015

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration ( NASA) cultivaránabos , basil and some herbs called arabidopsis on the moon in 2015 , according to a statement posted on its website quoted by Europa Press.

" If we send plants and thrive , then it is likely that (the man ) to " live or work on the Moon in the future, the group said . In addition , plants can provide " psychological comfort " to potential settlers.
How will they do ?
Experts are developing a sealed growth chamber that will land on the satellite. There, it will supply small quantities of water to a filter with a 100 nutrients to seeds dearabidopsis 10 turnips basil and 10 can be developed.
Scientists will study the effects of gravity and radiation on food. If the mean germination occurs in the minimum environmental Moon growth factors are available , among other effects. The findings help to know if one day the man may live or work there.

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