Womans Journey: Doubles in size island of Japan born after volcanic eruption

Friday, December 13, 2013

Doubles in size island of Japan born after volcanic eruption

The newly formed Japanese island emerged some 1,000 kilometers south of Tokyo because of the strong volcanic activity has doubled in size in the last two weeks , reported the Japanese Coast Guard .

The new island now measures 250 meters wide ( 820 feet ) and 200 long ( 656 feet) and is located southeast of Nishinoshima uninhabited volcanic island , which belongs to the small archipelago of Ogasawara ( Tokyo prefecture ) very remote from the main island of Japan .
The Japanese Coast Guard flew over the island on Monday and saw a third crater on the island of volcanic magma emerges .
A Japanese expert volcanologist flew past the small islet week and said the new island will be permanent, since it seems that the magma has solidified and hardened on the surface.
Its size had already increased by more than 20 meters last week after the Japanese Coast Guard observe the November 21 first volcanic activity.
During that day , the Japanese Coast Guard picked spectacular images that you could see a column of white smoke about 600 meters and another cloud of black ash caused by violent explosions generated inside the volcano.
This is the first eruption that occurs with Nishinoshima in nearly 40 years, after which the island size increased between 1973 and 1974 also due to intense volcanic activity.
Nishinoshima is located 130 kilometers from the nearest inhabited island , so it is considered that its volcanic activity does not put any stock in danger.

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